COFES Internships for FIRST Students

Cyon Research, a software industry analyst firm, is extending this unique internship opportunity to Arizona’s best and brightest young talent. This is the second year where Cyon Research will award a full COFES Internship to two exceptional students who have demonstrated extraordinary aptitude and drive for science and technology to participate as an intern in COFES and gain valuable insight and networking contacts, all the while demonstrating their skills and preparedness for a career in these fields. 

This is a tremendous opportunity for eager youth to be introduced to key industry executives, analysts, designers, engineers, and many other influential professionals.

COFES Interships for FIRST FRC Students

COFES takes place against the breathtaking backdrop of Scottsdale, Arizona and is a highly prestigious, much-anticipated event. Participation at COFES is by invitation only and is limited to 240 senior executives, many from the companies that support FIRST. COFES Interns have shared a breakfast table with Carl Bass, CEO of Autodesk; Bertrand Sicot, CEO of SolidWorks; and Mike Riddle, the man who wrote the first AutoCAD. You might sit in on a discussion and hear Jon Hirschtick, co-founder of both Onshape and SolidWorks, or Manu Parpia, CEO of Geometric. These folks are not our speakers – they’re been our attendees.

To see who’s going to be there, take a look at To see what they’re going to be doing, take a look at And to get a flavor of the event, take a look at

The COFES FIRST Internship

This is your time to shine!

You will be responsible for helping us put on the event. In exchange, you get the opportunity to rub elbows with current industry leaders, and hear and see what is going on during the event.

According to an intern from COFES:

“Volunteering as a conference intern provided me with the opportunity to connect with industry experts right away. Even before the conference had started, I had the opportunity to sit down with some of the early pioneers of engineering software. I worked alongside incredibly talented students from other universities to help setup the event, had great fun and made friendships along the way. The conversations and connections I made were of relevance not only to my academic research, but to my professional development as well."

The Process

Fill out the form at  by Monday, February 22, 2016


Because this is the form used for ALL applications to COFES, you must enter “FIRST INTERNSHIP” in the notes section so that we can identify you as an internship award candidate.

In addition to the contact information, you must respond to the first and last questions. Questions two and three are optional. For the last question, please provide us with the name, phone number, and email of a teacher or mentor who has worked closely with you and can speak to your abilities and character, and why they believe you should be a part of COFES.

We will base our award on your response to the first question, but we may also consider your other responses, if provided.

On Monday, February 29, we will contact the references of the top two or three candidates and, once we have verified their status, we will notify the awardees.


  1. Unfortunately, our current situation does not allow us to offer this award to students of all ages. We hope to address this issue for next year. In the meantime, you must be at least 18 years of age as of April 6, 2016 in order to be eligible for the COFES Internship.
  2. We must receive your application no later than February 22, 2016.
  3. You must be available to be at the event from noon, Wednesday, April 6, through 6 pm Sunday April 10.
  4. We will provide you with housing, meals, official shirts, and a wonderful opportunity. You must be willing to lend a hand when asked and to follow direction.
  5. You will be responsible for your own travel to the resort.
  6. Cyon Research does not have the resources to handle phone calls from prospective applicants. If you have a specific question that has not been addressed here, please send an email to and we will do our best to reply promptly.
  7. The FIRST Internships are limited to current FIRST FRC team students and their mentors who were on a FIRST FRC Team last year as a high school student and who are now continuing their education at a university or college.

About Cyon Research
Cyon Research is a thinktank with deep expertise in the engineering and design software community. In addition to COFES, Cyon Research provides strategic vision for its clientele the user and vendor community, with a specific focus on the near- and mid-term future (2-6 years out). The firm’s analysts have a combined 400+ years of industry experience, and include individuals who have created major inventions, including the floppy disk, and the PLC (programmable logic controller); founded national organizations and publications, including the National Computer Graphics Association, Computer Graphics World, Computer-Aided Design Report, and Engineering Automation Report; and led major companies in our industry, including Applicon, MSC, SDRC, and Xanadu.

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