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We hope to provide a resource for the engineering software community to have the kinds of discussions to which wikis are unusually well-suited.

You may be wondering - how does a wiki differ from a forum or a blog? The simple answer: A wiki (from Hawaiian "wiki wiki," meaning "quick") is non-hierarchical, and can be edited by anyone.

The best-known wiki is Wikipedia - a communal encyclopedia.

A wiki allows for a kind of conversation that doesn't happen elsewhere. The fact that we can actually go in and alter each other's entries is a voluntary vulnerability that induces intimacy. People are strange.

A key element of wikis is the ease with which links are created. In ours, you generate a link by enclosing text in double square brackets. If the page to which your link refers doesn't exist, the wiki creates it right away.

You can also insert html in your text.

Note 1: You can't use your browser's "Back" button to navigate backward -- use the icon below the entry labeled: "Back links."

Note 2: You must be logged in in order to edit a page. The login button is in the upper right corner of the page.

Personally, it took me a while to warm to wikis. Too unstructured; too scary, in a  way. It's like suddenly being told to color outside the lines...

Here's a couple of pages we put up to get us started:

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