Cyon Research Vetting Process

Cyon Research does business with many of the firms covered in its white papers and reports, and some of those firms participate in the funding of these projects. In order to avoid any appearance of conflict, Cyon Research has implemented policies on openness and has implemented a strict vetting procedure for all of its white papers and reports that are intend to be distributed to the public.


Every white paper/report must

1.      Fully disclose any vendors who participate in the funding of the white paper/report

2.      Meet the requirements of our vetting process.


Our vetting process works as follows.


A.    We come to an agreement on the thesis of the white paper.

B.     We produce a white paper that addresses that thesis.

a.       If the white paper has one or more funding vendors, they will have the opportunity to see and review the white paper in progress and to provide its input and suggestions for the white paper.

C.     We present a final unvetted version of the white paper to the funding vendor(s) for their review. At this point,

a.       If there is only one funding vendor, it will have the choice of proceeding with the vetting process, or keeping the information as an internal document, in which case the project is complete.

b.      If there is more than one funding vendor, the white paper proceeds to the next step of the vetting process unless each and every funding vendor agrees that the white paper should remain as an internal document, in which case the project is complete.

D.    We then send the unvetted white paper out for review to industry vendors who have a vested interest in the outcome. This may also include review by our peers in the analyst community and by users or industry channel partners.

E.     We then review the feedback, comments, and criticisms from these vendors and incorporate changes to the white paper as we deem appropriate. Where appropriate, we will speak with those in the vetting process to clarify their points and review their supporting arguments.

F.      At this point, we present our post-vetting draft to the funding vendor(s) and receive their input for our consideration.

G.    A final white paper is produced and presented to the funding vendor(s), who once again have the same options as in point C above.

H.    Most importantly, the funding provided for this work is fixed and remains the same, without regard to what happens at points C and G above.

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