Brian Seitz

Brian Seitz

Brian K. Seitz is senior partner/chief scientist in Intellectual Arbitrage a virtual corporation and principle/consultant of B.K.Seitz & Associates a business management and technology consulting firm. Intellectual Arbitrage is a private for profit research center (Think-Tank) with clients from a select list of the Global 1000 specializing in the management and use of knowledge.

Some of his additional activties include SME/CASA Board of Advisors, National Research Council \ NIST Board of Assessment member, and management advisor to STEP Tools Inc.

Previously, Brian served as chief process manager and architect for IBM’s marketing process. During his five year tenure he applied six sigma techniques to improve the quality of planning throughout the corporation. In addition he adapted and apply CMM to the marketing process for further improvements to the process and its deployment which is now being marketed for sale by IBM Business Consulting Services worldwide.

In 1999 he was a Director at DMR Consulting Group Inc. in Bellevue Washington. He divides his time between three major activities 1) managing and participating in consulting engagements 2) career management of IT Consultants and 3) development and management of the Information Technology Effectiveness Practice. Included in the later is the research and development of measures, methods, tools, and techniques to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of IT organizations.

Prior to joining DMR Brian served in two positions at Microsoft Corporation. In the most recent position he was the Application Developers Customer Unit’s (ADCU) worldwide engineering industry manager. His primary role was to first develop and execute market strategy for the engineering segment and second to serve as a liaison between Microsoft and the engineering community. Seitz was also responsible for creating and implementing Microsoft industry marketing programs and helping third-party companies build products that take full advantage of Microsoft platforms and technology. In his first position at Microsoft he served as Architecture and Methodology Senior Technologist. In that position he fulfilled various consulting roles. His activities include: Enterprise Architecture Research and Development, Organizational design consulting for Microsoft’s Information Systems Group, Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF) development, Strategic Planning, Business Process Reengineering (BPR) consulting and development of various information technology architectures such as Active Directory.

Immediately prior to Microsoft, Brian was independent consultant where he focused much of his attention in the application of information technology, general systems theory, and architecture to solve current and future business problems. His list of accomplishments include the development and deployment of several manufacturing systems, software products such as RiskCalc™ (Risk Assessment calculator) and B.A.S.E.™ (Business Analysis System & Environment), as well as author to numerous white papers and contributor to NIST's Opportunities for Innovation program monograph entitled Software for Manufacturing.

A guest lecturer at AUTOFACT, IBM Guide, and AIAA conferences in the fields of enterprise architecture, integration, and reengineering. Starting in the 1980's Mr. Seitz had forecast and spoke at AIAA's Design and Operations Conferences, AUTOFACT, and client meetings upon the need to redesign and rebuild corporations (BPR) in order to remain competitive in the future. Beyond sounding the call to businesses, he has dedicated much of the past ten years identifying, developing, and teaching the methodology and tools needed to design and construct an enterprise with the same precision and creativity that architects enjoy building dwellings. Originally trained in residential architecture, he has taken this knowledge and skill and applied it towards the rational design and development of enterprises. An initial treatment of this information was released during the 80's within the aerospace industry as a desktop publication. This was later redistributed within IBM as an internal marketing publication titled CIM Architect's Notebook, Release 1.

A past senior member of SME/CASA with over fifteen years experience in manufacturing and information technology. He has worked for corporations such as Rockwell International, Honeywell and IBM in the application of information technology. During his tenure with Rockwell International, he was a contributor to IR&D and USAF ICAM projects developing and using tools for IDEF0 methodology support of Mfg.0 -- the early roots of business process reengineering. At IBM Mr. Seitz was responsible for the initial design and development of several software products. He has served on numerous advisory boards in the field of computer integrated manufacturing. Brian has been an in-house consultant to IBM's Industrial Sector Consulting Services (ISCS) group and an advisor in the fields of project management and business process reengineering (BPR) to software development groups.

As a consultant Mr. Seitz's clients have included Lockheed, McDonnell Douglas, and the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST), assisting each in technology and business transformation challenges. In addition, he has assisted small and startup businesses such as STEP Tools INC., as well as to municipal, county, and federal government organizations. During resent years he had been active in the field of standards, focusing upon the issues, technology and architecture involved with the successful deployment of a National Information Infrastructure, consulting to committees and customers on elements of Infrastructure Architecture.

Brian currently resides in Eatonville, Washington with his wife Dana and their sons Jason and Austin, where he researches, writes and consults to a select group of high tech professionals and executives. He enjoys cooking as a hobby and is considered a gourmet chef by friends and associates. These skills are put to good use during weekends when he hosts Executive retreats at his home by Mt Rainier. Brian is considered a voracious reader, having two to three books in progress at any particular time, with an extensive business and technical library at home. A casual backpacker, Brian, his wife, and sons enjoy sightseeing and camping during available breaks in national parks, forests, and wilderness areas.


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