Cyon Research combines the individual experience of its founders with a wide network of chosen technical advisers, industry specialists and commentators to ensure its research, commentary and analyses are based upon validated industry knowledge and technical expertise.

Cyon Research Services are carefully designed to allow client companies to make educated, informed, strategic decisions regarding the CAD/CAM/CAE and PLM and BIM industries. All services are confidential, original and unbiased.

Cyon Research’s clients include:

  • International corporations providing products and services in the CAD/CAM/CAE and PLM and BIM industries
  • Start-up companies seeking market opportunities for new products and concepts
  • Companies seeking to validate current investment decisions and understand future industry trends
  • Organizations and analysts seeking expert knowledge and guidance in the highly complex CAD/CAM/CAE and PLM and BIM markets
  • Firms needing guidance in understanding the broader implications of their CAD/CAE/CAM/ PLM /BIM decisions

Services include:

Market Intelligence: Confidential, unbiased research, analysis, and guidance on industry trends, market dynamics, and economic influence. Such research is targeted to guide, affect or instruct the client on its investment and research decisions in relation to the rapidly changing market.

Market Validation: Confidential validation of current business and investment strategies for companies seeking to maximize return on investment balanced with true understanding of the risk factors involved.

Competitive Intelligence: Analysis of the strengths, weaknesses and direction of the market related to the competitive landscape

White Papers: Research and development to produce industry white papers for the public space: Original research includes extensive ability to reach and explore customer issues on behalf of industry vendors.

Industry Commentary: Cyon Research commentary appears on twitter and on Cyon Reseasrch's blogs at

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