Jack Ring

Jack Ring

Jack Ring has fifty years of multifaceted experience as business executive, system practitioner, intraprenuer, entrepreneur and management coach in aerospace, industrial, commercial and public sector. He has led technology, product, process and systems development. Also, competitive intelligence, market research and strategy development.  His employers and clients included GE Aerospace (1957-1977), Honeywell Computer Systems (1977-1987), Edelbrock (1988-1990), Ascent Logic (1991), IBM Object Technology Practice (1994-1995) and more than a dozen high tech startups (1990-present).

In GE he was the inaugural chair of the company-wide software engineering workshop which grew to 2500 participants in only three years.  While at Honeywell, he helped establish the Honeywell Fellowships in Computer Integrated Manufacturing and the CIM Systems Research Center.

In 2003 he was named Fellow of the International Council on Systems Engineering, INCOSE where he co-founded and co-chaired the Intelligent Enterprises Working Group and serves as Vice-chair, Fellows Committee.  He associates with the IEEE Systems, Man and Cybernetics Society; International Systems Science Society; Society for Design and Process Science; Association of Knowledgework; International Society for Performance Improvement; and the Systems Dynamics Society, the American Association for Artificial Intelligence and Society of Organizational Learning. He has presented more that 50 papers, panels and tutorials at international systems conferences.

As a senior analyst with Cyon Research, Jack Ring is focused on EYG Eng & Innovative Management.

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