Cyon Research's Dandelion Principle Offers Keys to Better Business

BETHESDA, MD, March 03, 2003 -- Cyon Research Corporation, a provider of analysis, research and consulting for engineering technology markets, today announced the upcoming book by Dr. Joel Orr, "The Dandelion Principle: Structuring for Greatness."

Dandelion Principle explores how businesses are structured today, and answers questions like: Why is Dilbert so popular? Why has technology famously brought only limited productivity improvement to business? And why do great companies stand out?

In his book, Dr. Orr explores the organization of contemporary corporations, and looks at how current structures affect individual effort, creativity and overall productivity.

The Dandelion Principle of business organization builds companies that are in harmony with the needs of the individual worker for growth, support and accomplishment.

"Companies that follow the Dandelion Principle grow better with time as each individual is freed to express greatness, and in turn, contribute to the greatness of the company," said Dr. Joel Orr, author of the book and chief visionary of Cyon Research. "The Dandelion Principle shows you how to build alternative business structures and start achieving benefits immediately."

"The Dandelion Principle: Structuring for Greatness" will be available March 2003. Interested readers can learn more about the book, and can preview the book at

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Ken Feitz
Strategic Reach PR

Published: Monday, March 03, 2003


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