Launches Custom Email Newsletter
BETHESDA, MD -- Cyon Research Corporation today announced the launch of its CADwire Insights™ newsletter, delivering valuable industry analysis, news, and focused information directly to designers’ and engineers' desktop email every day or every week. Cyon Research’s is a leading industry web site which provides daily news updates, analysis, reviews, articles, and insight into all areas of technology for design and engineering disciplines. CADwire Insights is the newsletter expansion of this highly successful web site and is an indispensable resource for anyone with an interest in the CAD and PLM industry. CADwire Insights features analysis and commentary from leading researchers on the current events in the industry. It also allows readers to customize the way they receive the newsletter, and define what industry news they have interest in receiving. Readers can choose from general industry news, mechanical, AEC, Plant, GIS, EDA, and more. "We are in the business of turning the staggering amounts of industry information and data into useful knowledge and direction," stated Rick Stavanja, chief information officer, Cyon Research Corporation, and editor of "CADwire Insights is the only service that brings knowledge directly to readers’ desktops, personalized with their individual preferences." " has seen a 300% increase in traffic during the past 12 months. Our users need to understand what’s happening in the CAD and PLM industry," commented Brad Holtz, president and CEO, Cyon Research Corporation. "They come to CADwire not just because of its wealth of easily accessed information, but also for commentary on the news -- our take on what’s going on. The insight we provide in our commentary places news items in perspective, and gets to the point fast. CADwire Insights will drive our continued growth by allowing our readers to determine what they want to see and delivering that to their desktop." CADwire Insights is now available and being delivered to design, engineering, CAD and PLM professionals, and executives worldwide. To sign up for your free subscription, visit and click on "CADwire Insights". About Cyon Research Cyon Research Corporation is a leader in providing market knowledge, research and direction for the CAD and PLM industries. The company was formed by CAD industry consultants Brad Holtz, Joel Orr, and Evan Yares to foster clarity and provide vision to users and vendors of CAD and PLM tools. Current products include:™, a leading provider of online news and analysis; COFES: The Congress on the Future of Engineering Software; Engineering Automation Report™, and The CAD Rating Guide®. Information about Cyon Research can be found at: Tel: 301-365-4585. fax: 301 365 4586 ### Contact: Rachael Dalton-Taggart Strategic Reach PR 720-352-8099

Published: Tuesday, August 06, 2002


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