Cyon Research Acquires CADwire

BETHESDA, MD -- February 12, 2001 -- Cyon Research LLC today announced that it has acquired CADwire, a CAD industry information hub and wire service. As part of the acquisition, Rick Stavanja, founder and editor of CADwire, has joined Cyon Research as Chief Information Officer.

"As a growing strategic consulting firm, Cyon Research has an insatiable need to keep up with our industry. The essence of what we do is gather, analyze, and disseminate information," said Brad Holtz, managing partner of the firm. "CADwire, at its heart, is an engine for doing just that. It uses state-of-the-art software technology to locate, track, organize, display, disseminate and archive information from the Web."

While there are dozens of engineering software Web portals, CADwire is unique and has no direct competitors. "We’re in the information business. As such, we’ll continue to expand our relationships with well-known and not-so-well-known Web sites to provide the information users need. Cyon Research has a history of working cooperatively with many of the consultants, analysts, and news organizations in the industry," said Rick Stavanja. "Their reputation was a major factor in my wanting to work with them."

About Cyon Research, LLC
Cyon Research LLC is a strategic consulting firm working in the engineering software industry. Formed by respected consultants Dr. Joel Orr, W. Bradley Holtz, and Evan Yares, the company has a reputation for integrity, insight, and credibility. Cyon Research produces the industry forum COFES: The Congress on the Future of Engineering Software (April 26-28), and publishes The Engineering Automation Report, The A-E-C Automation Newsletter, Extranet News, and The CAD Rating Guide. Additionally, the firm provides strategic consulting services and custom market research.


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Published: Monday, February 12, 2001


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