B-to-B eCommerce Issues to be Featured at Unique Conference: COFES2000

BETHESDA, Md., April 13, 2000 -- CounterEntropy Strategies LLC
announced today that COFES2000, which will be held in Scottsdale, May 17-20,
will feature Business-to-Business eCommerce, as a major focus.

COFES2000 -- The Congress on the Future of Engineering Software -- will be
held May 17-20, 2000, at The Scottsdale Plaza Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.
COFES2000 is a congress designed as an executive retreat for leaders and
visionaries in the engineering software community to gather to discuss the
major issues facing our industry.

Brad Holtz, editor and publisher of The CAD Rating Guide, and one of the
founders of COFES2000, stated, "B-to-B eCommerce for the engineering markets
is really driving us to deal with new issues. The discussion area we've

•- eProcurement and Supplier Relationships
•- eServices
•- The Role of the Channel in the Age of Digital Content Delivery
•- Barriers to Change

are designed to address this rapidly approaching future."

COFES2000 is a cross-fertilization event, addressing issues where the AEC
(architecture/engineering/construction), Mechanical/Manufacturing, and
eCommerce markets intersect. COFES2000 is targeted at the decision
makers -- CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, presidents, vice-presidents, directors, etc., who
confront those strategic decisions daily.

"This is a venue for people of vision and influence to relax, and to think
about, discuss, and create the future of engineering software. And, without
question, that future has a significant 'e' in it," according to noted
consultant Peter Marks, one of the keynote speakers at COFES2000. COFES2000 is the place to get the answer to the question: "How do I get me some of that 'e-mojo'?"

The goal of COFES2000 is to bring clarity, vision, focus, and definition
to the issues facing the engineering software community, and to speculate
about and prepare for what is just over the horizon. Dr. Joel Orr, visionary,
"intellectual pollinator," and one of the minds behind COFES2000, affirmed
that "by creating opportunities for leaders of our industry to meet across
vertical boundaries, COFES2000 will build a strong community among industry
players that will provide leadership in the coming turbulent years."

COFES2000 has wide industry support from:

•- major sponsors: Microsoft, ContractorHub.com, OpenDWG Alliance, Oce, and others;
•- 23 industry trade publications are sponsoring and have editors participating in COFES2000;
•- a "who's who" of respected industry consultants and analysts will be the hosts of the event.
•- the leaders of the engineering community who set strategic direction for the technology of their firms
•- as well as representatives from the academic, venture capital, and finance communities

COFES2000 is designed to foster introductions, meetings, private
conversations, and intense discussions about technology and strategic futures
among attendees. Each attendee of COFES2000 has a custom schedule of private appointments with participating vendors.

COFES2000 also includes Technology Briefings by leading independent
thinkers, Pundit Panels, and Industry Roundtables. The industry's leading
consultants, editors, and prognosticators will present lively interactive
panel discussions of the future of engineering software -- with an emphasis on
how "e" -- everything changes the picture.

COFES2000: The Congress on the Future of Engineering Software
May 17 - 20, 2000
The Scottsdale Plaza Resort
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA


SOURCE CounterEntropy Strategies LLC
Web Site: http://www.counterentropy.com

Published: Thursday, April 13, 2000


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