Paul Saffo to Keynote COFES 2014

Paul Saffo to Keynote COFES 2014
At the 15th annual design and engineering software event, technology forecaster Paul Saffo will discuss how to adjust expectations and plan for the year 2020, now only six years away.

BETHESDA, Md., March 13, 2014 —Cyon Research announced today that Paul Saffo will give the Friday keynote address at COFES 2014: The Congress on the Future of Engineering Software, which will be held in Scottsdale, Arizona from April 24-27.

Keynotes at COFES will focus on this year’s theme for COFES 2014: “Correcting 2020 Vision.” With 2020 just six years ahead, what corrections does a firm need to make to its own vision to get a crisper view of 2020?

Saffo addresses that theme with his keynote, “Cultivating Foresight: Seeing Clearly Amidst Exponential Change.”He’ll discuss the fallacies of our natural instincts for thinking about the future and focus on ways of thinking that can provide a clearer foresight for long-term planning.

“George Dyson, our favorite historian of technology, will tackle the theme for COFES 2014 by looking at past experiences. We’re delighted to have Paul, the world-renown technology forecaster, tackle the same theme by looking forward,” said Brad Holtz, president & CEO of Cyon Research. “The combination of Paul looking forward and George’s historical perspective is special. The hard focus on six years from now should shape much of the conversations at our 15th annual COFES.”

About Paul Saffo:

Paul Saffo is a technology forecaster with over two decades of experience helping corporate and governmental clients understand and respond to the dynamics of large-scale, long-term change. He is Managing Director of Foresight at Discern Analytics and teaches technology forecasting at Stanford where he is a Consulting Associate Professor in the Engineering School. Saffo also teaches at Singularity University, where he chairs the Future Studies track. Paul holds degrees from Harvard College, Cambridge University, and Stanford University.


Now in its 15th year, COFES is the annual, invitation-only event for the design and engineering software industry. Widely recognized as a think-tank event, COFES gathers design and engineering software leaders (vendors, users, press, and analysts) together to discuss the role engineering technology will play in the future survival and success of business. COFES is renowned for hosting leading keynote visionaries that provide a new perspective to the future of the industry. COFES is a Cyon Research

About Cyon Research

Cyon Research Corporation is a think-tank providing key information, research, analysis, and consulting to its clients worldwide. COFES (The Congress on the Future of Engineering Software) is Cyon Research's primary event.

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Published: Thursday, March 13, 2014


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