Cyon Research's Dick Morley Honored on 40th Anniversary of the Invention of the PLC

Cyon Research's Dick Morley Honored on 40th Anniversary of the Invention of the PLC

Cyon Research congratulates its own Dick Morley on the 40th anniversary of the invention of the PLC (programmable logic controller). The Modicon line (now distributed by Schneider Electric) revolutionized the control of manufacturing machinery and processes and created an entirely new industry.

Morley has been honored by numerous organizations, including Manufacturing Automation magazine (, on this occasion.

The needs of the American automotive industry triggered the invention of the PLC. Until its introduction, control, sequencing, and safety interlock logic for manufacturing machinery were accomplished using relays, timers, and dedicated closed-loop controllers. Updates, modifications, and changeovers were expensive and time-consuming.

Morley's invention, which became the Modicon (Modular Digital Controller) 084, changed all that. The PLC is essentially a box of virtual relays, allowing programming to take place on or off of the factory floor. This application of computing technology to the factory floor brought the flexibility of computer programming to manufacturing. PLC products are now the mainstay the industrial automation business and have grown into a global market of several dozen billion dollars per year.

"We are amazed by Dick Morley and his many achievements, both as inventor and as investor. Cyon Research congratulates him on this well-deserved recognition," said W. Bradley Holtz, Cyon Research president and CEO.

About Dick Morley
Richard E. Morley, best known as the father of the programmable controller, is the leading visionary in the field of advanced technological development. Mr. Morley holds more than twenty United States and foreign patents, including the parallel inference machine, hand-held terminal, programmable logic controller and magnetic thin film.

He is an internationally recognized pioneer in the areas of computer design, artificial intelligence, automation and futurism. He lives on a farm and works out of his barn in New Hampshire and has been home to more than two dozen foster children. For more information, see

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Published: Tuesday, October 28, 2008


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