Cyon Research Examines Plotting Workflow in the AEC industry

New White Paper Looks In-Depth at Reprographics and IT solutions

BETHESDA, MD April 20, 2006 -- Cyon Research Corporation, a leading provider of analysis and consulting for engineering technology markets, today released a free white paper on the management of reprographics in architectural and engineering firms.

According to the study, titled "Managing AEC Print Workflow - A Look at Oce? Repro Desk® Professional," although much IT resources have traditionally been focused on file management during the design process, the industry still relies on paper documents for delivery to construction or production sites.

The white paper discusses the various logistical and interoperability issues involved with design document printing and delivery. For instance, CAD documents must be converted to PLT files for plotting, a translation which may cause graphic errors and must be double-checked. Generating many in-house print jobs at once may get confusing, as clients may require different deliverables in a variety of formats.

Cyon Research also evaluates a new IT solution to the complexities of AEC's reprographics, Oce? Repro Desk® Professional, in the context of current industry conditions. Oce? North America, a firm which has for decades catered its document management products to large-scale reprographics shops, now attempts to tackle the AEC plotting problems by integrating plotting requirements and document inspection into the workflow of the design firms themselves.

"Reprographics has never been a significant focus of designers and engineers, but in reality, the plotting and delivery of the final documents is a critical part of their business, with a vast amount of room for simple errors," comments Cyon Research CEO Brad Holtz. "Just as PLM systems have managed digital documents within an organization, we are seeing the emergence of new technologies that expand tracking and control into the field. The Oce? solution represents one of the newest developments in that regard."

"It's clear that Cyon Research understands the challenges AEC users face today as they transition from a paper-based workflow to a more digitally oriented one," comments Sal Sheikh, Vice President of Marketing for the Wide Format Printing Systems division of Océ North America, on the results of the study. "By putting reprographers at the center of the construction-print workflow using Océ Client Tools and Océ Repro Desk Professional, print-production management and distribution becomes much more streamlined and automated from the desktop to the print room to the job site. This makes it extremely easy and efficient for AEC professionals to get prints to the right people at the right time for the least total cost, while keeping the reprographic business integral to the whole process."

This white paper is available free-of-charge at

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Published: Thursday, April 20, 2006


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