COFES2005 Gears Up For Best Event Yet

Event attracts highest-ever number of attendees and sponsors, and boasts nationally-renowned speakers

BETHESDA, Md., April 5, 2005 - Cyon Research Corporation, a leading provider of analysis and consulting for engineering-technology markets, and host of the COFES (Congress on the Future of Engineering Software) event, is in high gear in its preparations for COFES2005.

COFES2005 registration will open to record attendance and sponsorships Title sponsor HP returns, joined by UGS, Spatial, Microsoft, PNY, Open Design Alliance, Cadalyst, Autodesk, and Actify. Hosting Technology-Suites this year are Adobe, HP, MSC.Software, IBM/Dassault Systemes, PTC, UGS, Z Corp among others.

“Innovation in an Idea Economy” is the COFES2005 theme. It builds on the need to innovate as part of ongoing business strategy, and kicks off the event by examining the role of information and knowledge organization in innovation.

Dr. David Weinberger’s keynote, “Miscellany is the Mother of Invention,” addresses the engineering world’s need for more and more innovation. Says Weinberger, “…while the old way of organizing considers the "miscellaneous" drawer to be where order breaks down, in the new age of order, we're finding that the best way to organize our ideas is to treat them all as miscellaneous -- an idea presaged by object-oriented programming. But changing our basic principles of organization has deep effects on knowledge and the authority behind knowledge...for better and for worse.”

“Dr. Weinberger is a gem of a speaker,” said Joel Orr, chief visionary, Cyon Research. ”Internet and knowledge management technologies are creating the new world in which engineering takes place, and it is strange to many of us. David is the perfect tour guide to introduce us to it.”

COFES2005 will again present a comprehensive agenda of discussion areas, led by industry analysts from companies including AMR Research, Cambashi, CIFE, CIMdata, CPD Associates, and more. The Congresses at COFES will feature discussions concerning the both the future of, and the business of, engineering software.

“COFES2005 is set to be our most impressive yet,” said Brad Holtz. “The first five COFES events have demonstrated that wonderful synergies take place when you bring together the leading minds in the engineering software industry and allow them to communicate with one another. We think of it as ‘enhanced serendipity.’”

What is COFES?
The sixth annual Congress on the Future of Engineering Software, presented by HP, will take place at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort, Scottsdale, AZ April 14-17, 2005. COFES, a mainstay of the engineering software industry, provides an intensive conference atmosphere where private and public discussions are held. Attendees are executives, end users, CAD and PLM vendors, analysts, and press who work together to determine, define, and clarify the business issues of engineering technologies.

COFES is an invitation-only event. To find out more information and to request an invitation, please visit

About Cyon Research
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Published: Tuesday, April 05, 2005


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