Cyon Research Issues White Paper on UGS' Repeatable Digital Validation (RDV) Framework

Cyon Introduces 'RAVDA' for Real Time Knowledge-based 'What-if' Analysis

BETHESDA, MD, April 4, 2005 - Cyon Research Corporation, a leading provider of analysis and consulting for engineering-technology markets, today issued a white paper reporting on the ramifications of Rapid Analysis and Validation of Design Alternatives (RAVDA) in an engineering and manufacturing environment. UGS' Repeatable Digital Validation is a process that unites a number of tools to address the RAVDA challenge.

The number of parts and assemblies in a complex product or the number of possible configurations of a less-complex product presents a big challenge when assessing the potential impact of a proposed engineering design change. The paper, titled "An Examination of UGS' Repeatable Digital Validation (RDV) Framework," takes an in-depth look at managing complexity in product development.

"RAVDA represents a migration away from a reliance on manual validation methods towards more intelligent, knowledge-based strategies," said Dr. Joel Orr, vice president and chief visionary, Cyon Research. "UGS is clearly making important strides in tackling the job of digital validation with its RDV solution. By harnessing a variety of powerful technologies, UGS has brought forward an important part of everyone's ultimate vision for the design process: an overall model that is updated at every step and continuously available to design teams."

"RDV is more than a product, it is comprehensive engineering process wherein Teamcenter® provides the technology framework," said Chuck Grindstaff, executive vice president of PLM Products, UGS. "RDV enables customers to validate part designs in the context of an entire product and any design changes that occur during the design cycle. By enabling continuous review of the current configuration as well as all other variant configurations, RDV enables companies to efficiently and rapidly evaluate product design alternatives to find an optimal design configuration based on their own business criteria. The benefits are tremendous in terms of cycle time reduction, quality and improving part reusability and commonality."

The white paper shows that the RAVDA challenge isn't just about automating change-management processes. It is about building an intelligent framework; a framework that will enable manufacturers to explore the impact of a change across a wide range of alternatives - in real time, during design.

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Published: Monday, April 04, 2005


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