Cyon Research to Acquire CADCAMNET

Founder Steve Wolfe will serve industry with Cyon Research

Bethesda, Maryland -- June 1, 2004 -- Cyon Research Corporation™, a leading provider of strategic analysis and consulting for engineering technology markets, today announced that it has acquired the publishing assets of CADCAMNet™, including Computer Aided Design Report™, from editor and publisher L. Stephen Wolfe.

Cyon Research is the host and founder of the highly successful COFES™ (Congress on the Future of Engineering Software). The company also provides consulting services and publishes, Engineering Automation Report™, and A-E-C Automation Newsletter™. Cyon Research has acquired CADCAMNet as a means to further strengthen its position in the engineering software market. Steve Wolfe, longtime industry and technology commentator, has become a Senior Editor of Cyon Research’s publications and a Senior Analyst for Cyon Research’s consulting practice.

"We are extremely pleased to have Steve’s voice added to Cyon’s," said Brad Holtz, president and CEO, Cyon Research. "The addition of CADCAMNet to our stable of publications is an incredible opportunity. The combination of our resources and Steve’s incessant search for the reality behind the hype will lead all of our publications to provide a much higher value to our readers."

David Cohn, editor-in-chief of EA Report, has added CADCAMNet to his responsibilities. "We would like to assure readers of CADCAMNet that the format, balance, and delivery of the publication will not change with this acquisition. I have respected Steve Wolfe for many years, and will enjoy having the opportunity to work directly with him in the forthcoming months," Cohn stated. "Readers should expect the same level of excellence that CADCAMNet and the CAD Report have delivered for more than 23 years, with the addition of Cyon Research’s insight and resources."

CADCAMNet, a Web-based information service, was formed from the merger of three print newsletters: Computer Aided Design Report, Product Data Management Report, and Rapid Prototyping Report. Wolfe has been publishing the CAD Report since 1981 and has long been a champion of end users of engineering software. Wolfe has built a reputation of respect and honesty with software vendors across the world.

"In our industry, Steve Wolfe commands respect from the end-user community due to the thorough nature of the reporting he has produced over the past 20 years," said Bill Carrelli, vice president of Strategic Marketing, UGS. "The two operations would seem to be a good fit for ensuring that the unbiased integrity I observe from Cyon Research can continue to be an influence in the industry."

"Cyon Research is one of the key sources of insight and information for the CAD/CAM/CAE industry with a keen sense of analysis. With this acquisition, Cyon adds yet a another powerful voice with a strong reputation for critical product review which is invaluable to end users," said Ron Fritz, Managing Partner, Tech Soft America. "I believe Cyon is positioned to be the primary publishing source in the engineering software community."

Both Cyon Research and CAD/CAM Publishing, Inc. are focusing their efforts to ensure that the CADCAMNet subscribers receive the level of service to which they have been accustomed. All subscribers are encouraged to visit the Cyon Research site to review the Q&A document covering this acquisition at or call Cyon Research to discuss this change directly with a Cyon Research analyst. Please visit or call 301.365 9085.

Since 1981, CAD/CAM Publishing newsletters have been helping engineering managers make smart decisions about product-development technology. The company is best known for its monthly newsletters: Computer Aided Design Report, Rapid Prototyping Report, and Product Data Management Report.
CAD/CAM Publishing, Inc. will continue to provide services to users and developers of CAD, PDM, engineering analysis, and rapid prototyping systems. For details, visit
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Cyon Research Corporation is a consulting firm that provides design, engineering, construction and manufacturing firms with a strategic outlook on the software tools and processes they rely on to create the world around us. Cyon Research also advises the vendor community with unbiased insight, vision, and expertise to help vendors understand the complex nature of the markets they serve.

Cyon Research provides key information, research, analysis, and consulting to its clients worldwide as well as providing information services through its properties and events. These include:

• COFES: The Congress on the Future of Engineering Software, Cyon Research’s annual conference, explores investments necessary today to take advantage and profit from future technologies.

•™ is Cyon Research’s Web-based, centralized research resource for market information, news, and industry commentary.

• Engineering Automation Report, the industry’s premier online and print-based newsletter providing in-depth information on the mechanical CAD industry;

• A-E-C Automation Newsletter, the only print and online newsletter providing in-depth information on software and systems for the AEC industries.

Cyon Research is a company focused on strategy and vision for clients, helping others understand where they need to go and how to get there.

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Published: Tuesday, June 01, 2004


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