Cyon Research Announces Extranet Seminar Series Presented by Dr. Joel Orr

Dr. Joel Orr Speaks About“How to Select and Implement an Extranet”

BETHESDA, Md., November 6, 2003 - Cyon Research Corporation, a leading provider of analysis and consulting for engineering technology markets, today announced a teleseminar series titled “How to Select and Implement an Extranet,” that will be presented by Dr. Joel Orr and feature key users of extranet technology.

Dr. Joel Orr, editor and publisher of EXTRANET NEWS--and vice-president and Chief Visionary of Cyon Research Corporation--has created a series of teleseminars that will answer questions about the power and pitfalls of extranets.

“Extranets are one of the most powerful automation tools to come along in recent years for both design and construction professionals, and manufacturing systems people. But while their power and payback are substantial, there are selection and implementation pitfalls that can prove expensive. The right advice at the start of the process can save you time and money,” said Dr. Orr.

Orr has created the teleseminars as a way to educate people about the wide variety of extranet types, security issues, obstacles, and benefits that the technology offers.
He will be joined by a select number of extranet users who will share their experiences and suggestions during the teleseminars.

“I’ve identified a number of users who have succeeded in selecting and implementing extranets in a wide variety of situations. They’ll be telling about their experience and answering questions for the other participants in these teleseminars,” said Orr.

Orr has scheduled three teleseminars during the month of November. Each of the teleseminars will last two hours and the cost is $39 per seminar. Each seminar will follow the same agenda, but include live Q&A sessions, so you may want to register for more than one.

You can register now at You’ll receive the phone number to dial and your special code, along with the URL of the PowerPoint presentation that will accompany the call. Currently scheduled:

November 11, 1 pm EST
November 19, 1 pm EST
November 24, 1 pm EST

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Published: Thursday, November 06, 2003


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