Cyon Research Publishes New White Paper With Rules For Success in Product Development

White Paper Identifies the Links Between Manufacturing Winning Products and the Right Choice of Product Development Tools

Bethesda, MD -- September 29, 2003 -- Cyon Research Corporation, a leading provider of analysis and consulting for engineering-technology markets, today announced its latest white paper studying the need for manufacturers to optimize their product development processes, and the characteristics of tools that effectively support those processes. This white paper was initially released at this week’s EDS PLM Solutions’ NX2 product launch, co-sponsored by Cyon Research, Hewlett Packard and Intel and held throughout the USA on Tuesday Sept 23, 2003.

Titled "The Road to the Future: How Product Development Can Make the Journey More Profitable," this key research paper introduces the concept of the Five Building Blocks of Product Development. These building-blocks are fundamental to all product development processes, and each must be optimized to enable a manufacturing enterprise to consistently create winning products. The white paper is designed for decision-makers within manufacturing enterprises and their design and engineering staff. The goal of the paper is to promote a clearer understanding of how technology can support successful product development.

"The five Building Blocks are present in all product development processes, although only one out of the five actually requires the use of technology," stated Evan Yares, CTO, Cyon Research Corporation, and chief architect of the white paper. "However, it’s simply not possible to build a responsive product development process without using technology to address and optimize all five of the building blocks."

The paper, which was developed in conjunction with Cyon Research’s sponsorship of the recent EDS PLM Solutions NX2 product launch, does not talk about the specifics of commercial software products, but rather provides a framework for understanding how these products might impact a product development process.

"We are pleased to see that Cyon is placing renewed emphasis on the importance of the product development process, " stated Dave Primrose, VP, NX Business Strategy and Marketing, EDS PLM Solutions. "Now more than ever, companies are looking at the importance of a total product development strategy, with a keen focus on innovation, as the cornerstone of their business growth initiatives. The core parameters identified by Cyon for changing the process confirm that our NX strategic direction is right on target."

This latest paper is available free of charge at .

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Published: Monday, September 29, 2003


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