QSSolutions Wins CADwire.net Innovator Award for Iced*CAD

COFES 2003, Scottsdale, Ariz., May 17, 2003 -- CADwire.net, the leading information site for the CAD, AEC, GIS, EDA and PLM industries, today announced at COFES2003 (the Conference On the Future of Engineering Software) the winner of the first annual CADwire.net Innovator Awards: QSSolutions -- Engineered Systems Group LLC, a leading technology consulting and integration firm, for its Iced*CAD technology.

Iced*CAD offers a new and revolutionary look at the existing process of creating assembly models and parts lists. Iced*CAD allows companies with existing pre-drawn component parts to assemble 3D models and 2D drawings based on a parts list. Iced*CAD pulls individual parts from the CAD component library and intelligently assembles them "on-the-fly" in the CAD system.

CADwire.net believes that innovation in engineering technology market is key to continued growth and wealth generation in the market. The CADwire Innovator Awards are presented to selected developers that are introducing new technologies in the CAD/CAM, AEC, GIS, EDA and PLM industries. Leading edge, but little-known, technologies that address key design needs and further the success of designers and engineers are recognized.

"Iced*CAD represents the kind of innovative technology that has the potential to change the CAD industry for the better," said Rick Stavanja, editor of CADwire.net and CIO of Cyon Research. "Giving smaller companies with great ideas the recognition they deserve is what the Innovator Awards is all about."

To be considered for the CADwire Innovator Awards, a technology must meet each of these requirements:


  • It must provide a new approach to an existing design process problem
  • It must be founded on a realistic and workable business proposition or foundation
  • It has the potential to move the industry forward in a positive manner


For more information on the award visit www.CADwire.net/innovatorhttp://www.cadwire.net/innovator">www.CADwire.net/innovator>.

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Published: Saturday, May 17, 2003


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